Continuing Education

The following textbooks and publications are intended to assist candidates in the preparation of the CSCT National Certification Examinations. All CSCT National Certification Examination questions have been referenced to 1 or more of the textbooks /publications on this list.

  • Drugs for the Heart:Th edition: L Opie, B. Gersch: Saunders Elsevier: 978-1-416-6158-8
  • Mosbys Drug Reference for Health Professionals: 3rd edition: M Hochadel: Mosby Elsevier: 978-0- 323-07736-1
  • Core Concepts in Pharmacology: 3rdedition: Holland, N Adams: Pearson Education: 978-0-1350-7759- 7
  • Essential Pediatric Cardiology:Req: Koenig / Hijazi/ Zimmerman: McGraw Hill: 978-0-0714-0919-3 (custom course ware)
  • Stedmans Medical Dictionary for the Health Professions and Nursing: 7th edition: Lippincort Williams and Wilkins: 978-1-60831-62-2
  • Cardiac Pacing and ICDs: 5’h edition: Ellenbogen / Wood: Wiley-Blackwell: 978-1-4051-6350-7
  • Cardiac Pacing, Defibrillation and Resynchronization: 2hd edition: D. Hayes P Friedman: WileyBlackwell; 978-1-4051-6748-2
  • Practical Guide Guide of Cardiac Pacing: 6′” edition: HW Moses, J. Mullin: Lippincort Williams and Wilkins: 978-0-7817-8881-6
  • Pocket Guide to Stress Testing: 1s’ Edition: Chung, Edwards, Tighe, Dennis: Blackwell Science: 978-0- 8654-2509-5
  • ACSMs Guidelines for Exercise Testing and Prescription:8’h Edition:American College of Sports Medicine: Lippincort, Williams and Wilkins: 978-0-7817-6903-7
  • Manual of Exercise Testing: 3rd edition: V. Froelicher, J Myers: Mosby Elsevier: 978-0-323-03302-2
  • ECG Workout: Exercises in Arrhythmia Interpretation: 5’h edition: Jane Huff: Lippincort, Williams and Wilkins: 978-0-7817-8230-2
  • 12 lead ECG the Art of Interpretation: Tomas B Garcia, Neil E Holtz: Jones and Bartlett:978-0-7637- 1284-6
  • Fast and Easy ECGs: B Shade, K, Wesley: McGraw Hill: 978-0-07-294811-0
  • The 12 lead ECG in Acute Coronary Syndromes: T Phalen, B Aehlert: Elsiever Mosby: 9996033473
  • Pathophysiology of Heart Disease: A Collaborative Project of Medical Student and Faculty, 4th Ed: L. Lilly:Lippincort Williams and Wilkins: 978-1-6047-723-7
  • Clinical Cardiology: 6th Edition: M. Cheitlin, M. Sikolow, M. Elroy: Appleton and Lang: 838510930
  • Pathophysiology of Heart Disease: 4’h Edition: Leonard S. Lilly: Lippincort, Wiliams and Wilkins: 978-0- 8121-1566-6
  • Clinical Electrocardiography — a simplified approach: 6th edition: A Goldberger: Mosby: 0-323-00252-8
  • Clinical Cardiology made ridiculously easy: 3rdedition: M Chizner: MedMaster: 978-0-94780-87-3
  • Phlebotomy Essentials. 4th Edition: R McCall, C. Tankersley: Lippincort Williams and Wilkins: 978-0- 7817-6138-3
  • CSCT Practical Applications of Cardiology Technology CSCT Ambulatory Monitoring
  • CSCT Exercise Tolerance Testing
  • CSCT Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice
  • American Heart Association – Exercise Standards – A Statement for Health Professionals
  • American Heart Association 2008 guidelines for device based therapy of cardiac rhythm abnormalities
  • Ambulatory ECG Monitoring

References seldom used:

  • Seeleys Essentials of A and P: VanPutte, Regan, Russo:McGraw Hill: 0078057353 (combo 978-0772- 7619-5 and 978-0-0733-7831-2
  • Exercise testing and Exercise Prescription for Special Cases: 3rd edition. Skinner: Lippincot, Williams and Wilkins: 0-7817-4113-0
  • Marriotts Practical Electrocardiography: 11′” edition: G. Wagner: Liippincot Williams and Wilkins: 978- 0-7817-9738-2
  • Canadian Guidelines for Cardiac Rehabilitation and Cardiovascular Prevention: 3rd edition: CACR
  • Introduction to the Human Body – the essentials of Anatomy and Physiololgy: 8’h edition: G Tortora, B. Derrickson: Wiley and Sons: 978-0-470-23016-9
    • 1. Handbook of Electrophysiology by Francis D Murgatroyd et al, ReMedica Publishing, ISBN 1-901346-37-4
    • 2. Electrophysiologic Testing by Richard N. Fogoros, Blackwell Scientific Publications, ISBN 0-86542-124-2