ASRCT 2021 AGM – April 24 2021

If you are unfamiliar with a virtual meeting or have never used Zoom before, please sign up with Zoom and familiarize yourself with it prior to the day of the meeting.

Watch a zoom tutorial here:

Login and familiarize yourself with zoom here:

If you are choosing to call into the AGM you MUST register with the number you are planning to use. Once you have been let into the meeting please mute yourself on your phone.

Please ensure your first and last name are correctly entered into Zoom, and that they match the name you have registered for the AGM with. This is so we can confirm your identity and check you into the meeting in a timely fashion.

AGM meeting check in will be done Alphabetical by last name. If you do not enter the waiting room in your allotted time slot you will risk not being let into the meeting. Once you have entered the Zoom waiting room, you will have a popup window with a message to the effect of “your host will let you into the meeting” Do not exit or close that screen. If you leave the waiting room, you will risk not being let into the meeting. We understand there may be some unavoidable technical issues if you loose connection during the meeting every effort will be made to let you back in as long as there is not a motion on the floor.

Check in times:

8:15 – A-G

8:30- H-0


8:50- Any members who wish to call into the meeting.

Once you are let into the meeting please mute your microphone and leave your video off. This will be for the entire meeting. If you have any questions at any point during the meeting please type them into the chat.

Please be aware of the AGM start time. Once you have been let into the meeting and you have muted your microphone and turned your video off, there may be some time before the meeting starts while we check other members into the meeting.

All voting will be done by using the poll function on Zoom. If you wish to vote, simply select the option that appears on your screen and hit submit. Members who call into the meeting will not be able to vote.

Your link to the meeting will be automatically sent to you after registration, and again 24 hours before the meeting is set to begin. Please contact if you do not automatically receive a link to the meeting.